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Gossip is the Devil’s radio

—George Harrison, famous Piscean

siclaaaro asked: HI! Nice blog. I'm a Pisces woman, Libra rising, Scorpio moon. What do you think about compatibility with a Pisces man, Scorpio rising, moon in Virgo? Thanks!

Hello Siclaaaro, and thanks!
Being that you’re both Pisces suns I would say that you will definitely be able to understand the way each of you express your love, so there wont be any break downs or lack of what you both desire from each other. You’ll have similar needs, since you do both have Scorpio and Pisces in your chart, and the Libra and Virgo will help to keep you both in touch with reality and a sense of logic. I would say this is a good match, and that in a lot of ways you will even each other out with the differences that do you have. Hope this helps!


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I don’t usually lose my temper, but if I get angry, it’s true - I’m scary.

— Eva Mendes, famous Piscean